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For tech support issues: Call us Monday-Friday from 8 am to midnight E.T: (850)893-7000,
or email us at

Frequently asked questions and product troubleshooting advice.

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Where do I log in? I purchased an online course or exam prep product, but don’t know where to go now.
You should have received an e-mail message containing a direct link to your login page. You can always access your log in page via this e-mail. 

I’m having trouble logging into the Online Sales Associate course purchased from your online store.
For tech support issues: Call us Monday-Friday from 8 am to midnight E.T: 1-850-893-7000, or email us at

After you placed your order we sent you a confirmation message with instructions on how to access your course. If this message said that there was a problem registering your for your online course, it will be corrected automatically, but may take up to 24 hours. If you did not receive your instructions, please contact us and we will re-send the instructions.
Many users do not realize that they may have a spam filter that could be filtering out commercial mail sent to them. If you are not sure if you have a spam filter, please contact your email provider for instructions, or look for a “spam” or “bulk” mail folder in your email program. Often you will find order receipts and other legitimate mail in your spam folders. This is beyond our control and we recommend voicing your concerns to your email provider.

When will I receive my course completion certificate?
Completion certificates are mailed to you on the business day following your successful completion of the course. If you have completed a continuing education or post-licensing course, we notify the state electronically. It will take the state approximately three days to validate the data and record it in the state database.

I ordered a downloadable product, but I can’t download it.
On your order receipt, there is a “download now” at the bottom of the page. You should also have immediately been sent an e-mail containing a very long link to your download. If you did not receive this e-mail, please contact us and if necessary, we will resend your link. If you have already received your download link via e-mail and are having problems getting it to work, please make sure you are following the instructions included with your download link exactly. We generate unique links to our products for each customer which are often very long. Part of the link may have wrapped onto a second line. This is caused by your e-mail reader. When your e-mail wraps the link onto multiple lines and you click on the link within your e-mail, the download may fail. You should copy, then paste the entire link into the address bar at the top of your browser window.

All downloads links are valid for a period of 3 days from the time of purchase. Once you have completed your download, you should make a backup copy of your installer in the event that you need to reinstall your product after a hard-drive failure or other unforeseen circumstance. If you need your download link reactivated after the initial period expires, you should send us a copy of the original link or provide your order number to verify that you are eligible. We can look this information up if you provide your full name, but it is usually faster if you provide your order number.

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My software updates have been disabled.
We have implemented a serial number authentication system to discourage users from making illegal copies of our software. Users who install the program on more than one computer using the same serial number will have their update functionality disabled. We allow for installation on one computer for your personal use. If the same serial number is used on more than one computer, it will likely be disabled and you will lose the ability to receive future updates until you purchase a new serial number.

You should never give your serial number to anyone else unless you are prepared to forfeit your right to any and all future upgrades. We reserve the right to refuse updates to anyone we feel is trying to abuse or reverse engineer our copy protection method. To determine this, we keep track of how many times each serial number is installed on a different machine, as well as the number of updates the user has received. We also know which serial numbers have been released to the public and which ones have not. All serial numbers can be traced back to their original purchaser. It is illegal to make copies or redistribute our software. If you are having problems with a serial number or feel we have wrongly disabled your software updates, please contact us during normal business hours and we will correct the problem.