Topic __ Duty of commission to educate members of profession

475.04 Duty of commission to educate members of profession.

(1) The commission shall foster the education of brokers, broker associates, sales associates, and instructors concerning the ethical, legal, and business principles which should govern their conduct.

(2) For the purpose of performing its duty under subsection (1) to educate persons holding a license or permit, the commission may conduct, offer, sponsor, prescribe, or approve real estate educational courses for all persons licensed or permitted by the department as brokers, broker associates, sales associates, or instructors; and the cost and expense of such courses shall be paid as provided in s. 475.125.

(3) The commission may also publish and sell, at a reasonable price intended to cover costs, a handbook on this chapter and other publications intended to be textbooks or guidelines for study and guidance of students, applicants, licensees, certificateholders, and permitholders, and members of the general public, copyright of which shall be the property of the state.

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