Getting Your Real Estate Web Site Listed in the Major Search Engines

When building your real estate web site, it is essential to keep proper search engine optimization techniques in mind, or you will have little success in marketing your web site, no matter how great your products or your site design may be. In this series, we will look at some of the most important aspects of optimizing your web site so that it won’t be overlooked by the major search engines. Check back every week for a new tip.

Tip #1: Optimizing your internal links.

Make sure your internal links, that is, links on your site that link to other pages in your site, contain the proper text. Instead of having generic links such as “next”, or “home”, put descriptive text in your links that matches the title of the page your are linking to. This proves to search engines that the link is pointing to content that is contextually relevant to the link. To maximize this effect, make sure your most important keywords are near the beginning of the the link text.

Check back next week for our next tip: Optimizing your external links.

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