“Test Drive” the Florida Real Estate Principles Online Course

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Online courses can be a mystery to many would-be students. Are you a little anxious about spending a significant amount of money on a course that you don’t know that you’ll like (or be able to do)? This introductory session allows you to take the first two units of the Florida Real Estate Principles online course. You’ll see how to access and move easily through the course. We’ll show you how the course material is presented in an easy-to-understand way. You’ll be able to take a few quizzes on the material so you can see how you’ll be tested at the end of the course.

We recommend that you reserve about three hours to look over the first two units and take the test. Take it seriously so that you can evaluate your ability to take an online course. And if you find it to be something you can do, you can enroll when it’s convenient.

While the first two units are the same ones you’ll take when you are in the course, you’ll need to take them again in the actual course.